A Cellular Demesne

Rule One in Photography; have a Camera.

ANY camera beats the one you had to leave behind.

I think that sums up the Cell Phone Camera's ecological niche'.

They are there with us always.

Virtually invisible devices, no one notices them being used.

They weigh almost nothing and take up no extra space.

Plus many will let you edit and upload images directly to the Web.


Because of their ubiquity there is a good chance any newsworthy event will be recorded.

I have no such Grand Designs.

I find them freeing.

From the Tyranny of Weight and Bulk.

And Playful.

One tends to shoot things one would never stoop to with a 'serious camera'.

In the Spirit of Freedom and Fun, welcome to my Liliputian demesne!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Flare by colette_noir
Flare, a photo by colette_noir on Flickr.

shoot with my Lumia 710, edited in Thumba Cam, uploaded straight to flickr from phone

Monday, January 9, 2012


WP_000015sp1 by colette_noir
WP_000015sp1, a photo by colette_noir on Flickr.

first shot with Nokia 710, OOC the files are a bit soft but take sharpening well